Ray Wedell Real Estate

Ray Wedell Real Estate is a team led by its founder, Ray Wedell. Ray is a Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA, with extensive experience in a broad cross section of residential real estate activities, from direct sales of homes to sophisticated trading and sales of mortgage-backed securities.

The Ray Wedell Team specializes in residential real estate sales in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, most specifically in Northern Fairfax County, Arlington, and close-in Loudoun County. Working under the auspices of the world’s leading real estate company, Coldwell Banker, Ray specializes in providing the highest degree of on-the-ground-intelligence and customer service.

In Ray’s blogs, you will not be subject to the same standardized press releases or talking head pieces you can find from hundreds of other sources. Often provocative, yet always informative, Ray’s blogs seek to give you the back story to extract news and trends which are likely to impact real estate in Northern Virginia before these trends become common knowledge. For example, a review of past blogs will show that you will probably not find anyone in the field who was as bullish on the likelihood of higher-than-anticipated housing prices over the past three years, and with sound reason, than Ray has been. You will NOT get rehashed, safe, predictions from industry economists nor dime-a-dozen “tips” and other pieces of sales advice in these blogs. You WILL get straight talk and honest opinion from someone who attempts to always project likely events before they are being discussed and acted upon by the general population.

I am always open to your questions and comments.

Ray Wedell, Realtor
Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA
Coldwell Banker

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