West Market is the Urban Oasis of the Reston Town Center

West Market


Probably the most prestigious town home community in the area, West Market is often called an “urban oasis.” If you are looking for community living as opposed to condominium living, within the Reston Town Center, this is it. The “signature” homes of West Market are the four-level, all brick homes built by Miller and Smith, in the section known as Park Place. However, many people prefer the more traditional, well built townhomes in West Market in the area known as Logan Park. West Market also has two condominium sections, many with townhome-like qualities. These sections, Madison Park and Lincoln Park, provide a wide variety of clean, stylish, affordable homes which many people prefer to the condominium living nearby.

Note on October 23, 2013: There has been a chronic shortage of listings for sale in West Market. The number of potential buyers seeking to live in this fabulous community, particularly in the limited number of exquisite fee simple homes, dwarfs the potential available listings. When a listing does crop up, it is usually under contract almost immediately. For West Market homeowners: For several years now, West Market sellers have been listing their homes too low, and buyers pick them up quickly. As of august, 2014, that may be changing. Several very upgraded homes in specific locations within West Market which carry extraordinary additional value sold in law-20913 and into 2014. These sales were by no means extraordinary, although a cursory look at square footage or model of home might suggest that. However, the additional upgrades and locations which carry high premiums were the primary reason for these apparently “high sales”. This has created a wave of new listing of “similar” homes, and these are beginning to rest comfortably on the market in suspended animation. In other words, they are overpriced and not selling. This is a unique phenomena in the normally quick-selling West Market community. This remains a very high demand neighborhood, but buyers are not going to chase new high price levels for each and every listing which pops on the market.

New report on West Market and its status as the “Urban Oasis” is available. Contact me for that report.

I have been buying and selling homes in West Market since its initial days in 1998. At that time, the dream of a residential community with the feel of residential intimacy and the proximity of being a very short stroll to the Reston Town Center was just that: a dream. The dream is now reality.

I am intimately familiar with both buying and selling homes in West Market. I have developed a detailed account of all sales for the past four years, model-by-model, home-by-home. Please call or email me for all of the required details, or if you seek further information on this prestigious community.

WEST MARKET UPDATE: The signature four-level London model CAN be retrofitted with a high-quality elevator. There are several options. Please call to discuss this in detail. I can help you through many of the options available, the county approval processes, etc. This would be a major upgrade and source of increased value for this Town center jewel.


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