Reston Real Estate Neighborhood Report: Waterford Square 2013 Sales

Reston Real Estate Neighborhood Report

2013 Sales – Waterford Square

Waterford exterior

Summary – Waterford Square Condominium in Reston is a unique, brick building with 48 units, originally built in 1981. Waterford Square is shaped like a square, with 8 units on each of six floors. The elevator shaft runs down the middle of the square, with four diagonal hallways branching out in each direction, leading to an entry to two units. Another way to visualize this is to imagine a square, with an “X” draw in. The elevator shaft is at the center of the “X”, with entry to units down each of four corridors.

These homes are unusually large and well-located, across the street from the Hook Recreational open area and near Lake Anne. It represents an unusual value in a desirable neighborhood.

Sales for 2015 follow:

Date              Unit No.        Sales Price          No. BR/bath      Sq.Ft.      Price/Sq.Ft.

Sept 2015         402              $260,000                      1/1              1,255            $207

Aug 2015          505               $490,000                    2/2.5            2,058           $238

Waterford lobby

Waterford lobby

Outlook for the Future Pricing in Waterford Square –  Nothing in this Reston area sells for as little per square foot as Waterford Square. Only 48 units in an older brick building, Waterford Square lacks the glitz and glamor of some competing units; however, it is a clean, safe building in a great area: one mile from the Reston Town Center; a few blocks from Hidden Creek Country Club; near Lake Anne; and across from open park, recreational land. This is a very quiet, affordable building in an upscale neighborhood.

At a minimum, there will be price stability in Waterford Square. There is a chance that buyers wake up to the value, and drive prices higher in 2016.


 Ray Wedell, Realtor

Samson Properties

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA



About RayWedellRealEstate

Real estate professional with Coldwell Banker. Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA
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