New Additions to Reston Town Center Major Improvement to Residents and Visitors: Avant; Crunch: Spanish Wine bar;World of Beers;

As we roll intro the New Year, significant additions to the Reston Town Center(RTC) landscape  are either opening, or about to open. The Reston Town Center continues to excel as both a destination entertainment and employment center, and as an urban life style home for thousands of residents. The RTC continues to define excellence in the new urban life style, or new “urbanism”, which the RayMaxTeam has been advocating for years. There will be no slow down in this movement, and the RTC popularity will continue to increase in future years.

The additions are:

The Avant rental residences – Now open and partially occupied, this extremely high end rental building is the jewel of rental housing in the RTC. Period. Anyone thinking of renting in the area owes it to themselves to see these units. Do not be swayed by what appears to be extremely high rental rates; talk to me about initial “rental specials” which we can achieve for you as the building fills out in its initial phases. Besides a premier location in the heart of the Reston Town Center, the quality of homes, lay out of the amenities, and overall five star quality of the entire building is in another league from the competition.

The Crunch – Approximately 700 members have signed up for this new construction, two floor workout facility in the heart of the Reston Town Center. Opening on December 31, 2013, The Crunch will enter what many think is a crowded business, but will be the best and most convenient facilities for those living or working in the RTC. This is just another life style business added to the menu, making the Reston Town Center a more attractive place to live and work.

World of Beers – This renowned business has opened with great success in other cities. Be prepared to invest in a future IPO, should this occur. There is great anticipation for this varied and upscale bar, the first place in the RTC which will focus on the “bar” in bar/restaurant. Given the enormous popularity of Jackson’s, down the street, there is little doubt that World of Beers will be an enormously popular business. The location is on the ground floor, below the Avant. Perfect. Opening soon.

CVS Pharmacy – How much more practical can it get? No more need to hop in the car for the short drive to a convenience store or drug store. For residents or those needing to make a quick stop for convenience store items, this is a major addition to the overall RTC land scape. Also located below the Avant and opening soon.

Spanish Wine Bar/taco/tapas bar – This is another establishment which will have tremendous demand. It is the third commercial establishment which will be located beneath the Avant. A high quality, wine bar, specializing in Spanish brands and Spanish food. Once again, it is difficult to believe that this will be anything other than a major success. Opening soon.

Family Restaurant replacing Uno on Market Street -This is a perfect location, and the need for this type of establishment in the Reston Town Center has been obvious for years. The RTC will now have a well-rounded menu of eating establishments, from breakfast, through lunch and dinner. Also, the addition of a more “reasonably priced” alternative is obvious as well. This will be on the main track for weekend visitors at the many festivals held and attended by families. I expect huge success, assuming the food quality and cleanliness are up to standard, which I suspect they will be. Opening very soon.

In an area in which virtually every new entrant in the restaurant or service business is a major success, these additions have as much chance of creating new demand by their overall enhancement of the Reston Town Center “scene” as they do of taking business from other locations. There is much truth in the “build it and they will come” theory, assuming that what you are building is desired by the market.


In the era of “new urbanism”, the Reston Town Center continue to set the standard for quality and sustained growth.


Ray Wedell, Realtor

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA

RE/Max Gateway




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